Mow to Own Plan Sounds Like a Plan!!!

Overgrown vacant lots can be an eyesore in just about any community.

But the City of Sandusky, in Ohio, has come up with a plan that improves the neighborhood and puts money back in the city.

It has just begun the Mow to Own program.

The Landbank Coordinator says the City of Sandusky has acquired more than 100 delinquent lots that are no longer generating revenue through property tax and costing the city to maintain them.

On average, it probably costs the city, $250 each time they mow a lot.

With the Mow to Own program, the adjoining property owner takes over the mowing duties and ends up owning the lot by getting credit for work they do.

The city takes the auditor's appraised value and subtracts those closing costs from there as the down payment. And the rest of it will be in kind service of mowing and maintaining. So as long as they maintain that property for one to two years, that property becomes theirs.

Homeowners can use the extra space from the vacant lot to build an addition or deck to their home, or a driveway or garage. Some people can use the area for a garden or just enjoy having more yard.

City leaders see the Mow to Own program as a win-win situation.

It will bring more tax revenue to the city and it will increase property value for homeowners.

Sandusky residents can find out more about the Mow to Own program by going to the city website:

Now we need something like this in Knoxville!!!