Mr Cunningham

It came across the web today that Tom Bosley the actor who played the father on the 70's show Happy Days passed away.
That hit home for me as Happy Days was one of my favorite shows when I was in high school. I suppose it really connected for me as I lost my own father suddenly when I was 12. Mr C was everything I would have wanted in a father. He worked hard, was honest, loved his family and was never slow to help a friend or take time to give out a word of advice when one of the kids on the show needed it. (I did always wonder though what happened to "Chuck", Richies older brother who just disappeared...) His character always knew the right thing to say at the right time. The show was full of family values and in the early years a great chance to gather our family around the television for our own family time.
It was easy to escape into a time where things were slower, people were kinder and the trouble seemed less dramatic. I miss those days a lot.
We sure could use another Happy Days couldn't we? Given what I see passed off as families on TV now, I know I could.