New Stats About Texting From A Scary Source


CNN did a report on how long you can look away from the wheel and read a text.

On average anyone who drives and reads texts while driving does it for about 5 seconds.

A lot of us think it’s not harmful to do a “quick” look for a few seconds. But when you’re driving how far is 5 seconds?

25mph – 150feet

35mph – over 250 feet

Imagine going faster like 45 or 55mph, you could cover the length of Neyland Stadium! (football field)

And this was in the paper the other day and we wanted to share it with you. Please share this with you family members who still continue to text and drive.


Distracted Driving can be Deadly: A Letter From a New Source

Distracted driving is deadly. In my profession, I have seen it all.

Just the sight of a dead body of a human is an eyeopener.

When you pull the sheet back and see the dead body of a person who was killed in an accident, for no reason except that were texting or distracted by a cellphone, it is sad and horrific.

And when it is a young person, the impact is even more horrifying and sad. I am asking all my fellow co-workers to join me in spreading this message.

I am also asking all my friends and all of America to help spread this message. I pray that no one will have to experience or see what comes out of distracted driving. I have tried not to make this very graphic, but if it will save a life, it was worth it. I have seen the sad, deadly and mangled mess of what it does to the body of the victim and also what it does to the surviving family members who have to go on with life after the death of their loved one.

Distracted driving is a killer. I sincerely hope someone reads this and thinks about it, and lives will be saved.

***What do you think Mr. Wood does for a living? EMT, Police, Fire, maybe a reporter? Nope.

Jeffrey P. Wood, Knoxville, is a funeral director.