New Warning For Parents

Here's a warning we want to pass along to parents. There's a new teen trend out involving salt and ice cubes.  It's called the Salt and Ice Challenge; so if you hear your kids talking about it or you see them watching a youtube video about it, stop them! It can be dangerous.

And it's sooo simple to do, which is why it seems "harmless."

"Kids mainly are taking salt and pouring it onto their hands or pouring it onto their skin and then applying ice,"

The ice and salt interact and the temperature can drop well below freezing. According to a test by CBS5, after just a few minutes, the mixtures register at less than 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the kids dare each other to hold on LONGER or the LONGEST it gets colder and it starts to burn them.

Last summer, a teenager in Pittsburgh received second-degree frostbite burns after his brother poured salt in a cross shape on his back and then applied ice.

"It's similar if you try to hold dry ice. When you try to hold dry ice if you do squeeze dry ice or grab it, you will get a burn typically. It's the same sort of principal. The moisture in your skin freezes and the moisture in your skin causes a burn.