No More Sharing?

You've heard it all before: Sharing is caring. We grew up with that philosophy but there are some "New age" moms who say NOPE! Kids don't need to learn to share.  It's hurting them in the long run.
 Pre-school daycares are instituting the rule that giving up a toy teaches another child to feel "entitled!"

So, making one child give up a toy, or share, makes the other child begin to feel and learn a sense of entitlement.

Do you really think that children pick that up? Do they think, "Oh, if Charlie has something I want, I always get it- because I AM ME!"

Opponents against sharing say that IF you teach a child to share, your'e also teaching a child that they get what they want RIGHT NOW. That's the message: "Instant gratification"

So they want the child to WAIT until the other child is completely finished before the toy is passed on to the child who wants to play with it.

Traditional values say share.

But this new systemvChild Psychologists sayvhelps a child to be more giving for the RIGHT reasons. It helps them work out conflict on their own and teaches them to NOT expect to be given everything.

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