No Pictures!


I was at lunch yesterday and noticed a couple of ladies whipping out their smart phones and taking pictures of their lunch.

i've heard of this before and seen it on Facebook a few times, but it wasn't until i came across an article that talked about some restaurants in New York that are putting a stop tonit.

This growing trend is commonly known as foodstagram, a photo taken on a cellphone and quickly posted online.

Some restaurants are cracking down on snap-happy guests. The New York Times reports that owners of upscale restaurants like Fat Duck, Le Bernardin and Per Se "discourage flash photography" by their guests.

One high end place said the restaurant "does not have a no-photography policy, although if guests do photograph, they refrain from using flash and be discreet so as to not disturb the experience of other guests."

Another chef at a high end restaurant does not discourage photography, but instead invites guests into his kitchen for pictures.

So far, the informal ban has not made its way to the New York State Restaurant Association, which includes 5,000 restaurants in the New York metro area.