Oh Come On... They Banned THIS?!?!


Subdivisions... We love them because there are plenty of people and kids around and fun going on and we feel safer; but then there are the RULES and The homeowners association... 

A family subdivision in Stapleton Colorado has changed their rules because of something SO vile and SO offensive that I can hardly say the word. So the homeowners have gotten together to ban it and keep the neighbors and children from seeing it.. It happened right there on the sidewalk, which is considered a shared space and so the rule was made that anything that offends, disturbs, or interferes with peaceful enjoyment IS NOT ALLOWED; especially this! 

Because apparently this awful thing was happening ON the sidewalks. I am just going to say it....this terrible offensive thing is sidewalk chalk!   Oooooohhhh it's soooo horrible! 

YES, the homeowner association has BANNED sidewalk chalk. Kids were being way too creative. It's art has let loose such ugly games as hopscotch and tic tac toe!  


I am sorry but subdivisions come up with some really dumb rules!   One of the dumbest rules I've ever run into was the posting of our names down at the community mailbox IF we were late on our mortgage each month or subdivision dues! LIGHTEN UP!