One word CAN say a lot....

October 6th was my birthday. I won't go into what year it is for me as that really is of no importance (and I really am not sure that I even want to SEE it in print.)
What is important to me is to tell you, "Thanks."
Thanks for all of the birthday well wishes I received on Facebook,mailed in, emailed in and phoned in.
Thanks for listening and allowing me the opportunity to have a few hours on the radio with you in the afternoons to share some music, thoughts and hopefully laughs.
Thanks for all the times that I may have walked into the studio a little down and your calls and emails perked me up.
Thanks for tolerating the occasional rant I may exhibit when things in our community don't seem right and I feel they need to be brought to light.
Thanks for making this such a great place to live and raise families.
Thanks for listening to the station. Without you tuning in, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to do what I love for so many years for a living.
I guess sometimes one word truly can say it all.
I'll bet if you give it a moment's consideration there's someone you'd like to thank too.
Why don't you take a moment and thank them today as well?