Only 1 To Blame For Relationship Woes

Her Fault

When it comes to marriage advice, this guy needs to be punted!

Pat Robertson is at it again! He says because he’s been married for 58 years, he’s an expert. 

And he was been interviewed by an early morning tv show when he made these strangely off center comments:

He blammed awful-looking and stubborn women for failed marriages. 

Robertson told a story how a woman who was overweight and looked terrible went to a preacher he knows to complain that her husband started drinking.  The preacher told her, if I were your husband I would start drinking too. 

Robertson said women need to fix themselves up and look pretty for their husbands. 

He also said stubborn women can kill a marriage. 


I know there are sometimes when we don’t look our best, but are we really the problem? 

Ladies, have you gotten your man and given up on your appearance? Does it matter?

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