Open Your Eyes!


It's nearly Summer time and the kids are out of school running around everywhere and it just takes a moment for your child to go missing.  And when or if they do, you want EVERYBODY helping. Thats why we issue the Amber alerts and post pictures.


The Today Show did an experiment to find out and it was an EYE OPENER!

A little girl has vanished — Alyssa McAdams, only 10 years old, blonde hair, blue eyes — and the missing child posters are up in a small New York City suburb, and inside a local bakery. But would you notice her if she was standing right next to you?

They set up an experiment- Working with police, we printed fake "missing" posters and hung them everywhere from trees to lampposts, even inside a local Bakery, and then the  hidden cameras were put up.

Here's the good news: Alyssa wasn't really missing. She's an actress.

They had her walk into the bakery with a strange man holding her by the arm. He was working with the Today show too.  And they watched on the hidden cameras to see how people would react.

‘It was unsettling’

One woman was alarmed at the poster, asking the cashier about it several times. Then Alyssa walked in. The woman immediately looked over at her and seemed to recognize Alyssa as the missing girl. But even after that, they watched as she moved her own young daughter away and left the store without saying a word.

Time after Time it happened. They ran the scenario 16 times over an entire day. In the end, only three people contacted police.

We also shared our results with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. They said thousands of kids have been saved because somebody noticed the missing child posters, proving how important those posters are. But, they said, our experiment shows people need to pay attention — it's as simple as that — to bring more kids home.

And in the end they showed the results to John Walsh. His own son Adam was abducted and murdered more than 30 years ago; now John is a leading crusader for missing children.

"Your investigation makes me sad and it makes mad and it makes me angry," Walsh said. "We need to pay attention, stop for a second, look at that child and thank God it's not your child."