Parenting Advice From Mick Jagger?!?!

Here are six words I thought I'd never hear myself say: "I can relate to Mick Jagger."

Parenting has finally hit Mick right between the eyes. Yep, the 69-year-old British rock 'n' roll superstar has been faced with parenting issues just like an average American parent.  It's just on a bigger scale than most of us...

Jerry Hall, his ex, has been spilling the beans over one of their big ISSUES.

The kids are now in their 20's and Jerry has been pressuring Mick to dip into his fortune (estimated at about $300 million) and buy the kids some stuff...

Not cars. Not clothes. Not boats or jet skis.


Jerry thinks that Lizzie, 29, James, 27, and Georgia, 21 all should get homes from their Rolling Stone father. The daughters are models, and the son is a musician and according to Jerry Hall, they all deserve houses from dear old Dad!

The way that Jerry sees it, Mick can easily afford the purchase. The multimillionaire reportedly has five homes of his own. So what's the problem?

The problem, according to the tabloid newspaper, is that Jagger, who is known to be "famously careful with his pennies," is firmly opposed to these types of "parental housing subsidies."  And Mick thinks that his children have already enjoyed many advantages in life and that setting them up in their own homes will do more harm than good.

Those who know Jagger well --  say that he strongly believes that children ought not think themselves entitled to their parents' money and that they have to make their own way in life.

Do you agree with Jagger, is he doing the right thing? Or is he being greedy?

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