Pat Summitt To Continue On With University of TN

We love her, and this was a great way to show it.


Pat Summitt will continue in her role as head coach emeritus at the University of Tennessee.

The school announced on Wednesday that Summitt's contract extension on Wednesday.

"We are excited to have Pat Summitt continue to be affiliated with our athletics department, and specifically our women's basketball program, which she built into the finest program in the nation," said Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Dave Hart.

"Her continued example of leadership and courage sends an everlasting message to our student-athletes, coaches and staff."

Summitt will be paid $85,000 annually, down from her original salary of $354,000.

She will also receive tickets to UT basketball, Lady Vols basketball and UT football games.

The contract outlines Summitt's duties and responsibilities as head coach emeritus and also spells out permissible basketball related activities:


Duties and Responsibilities

 1. Liaison to the Director of Athletics.

2. Advisor to women's basketball; participate in permissible activities related to women's


3. Serve as advisor to the Southeastern Conference on women's basketball issues.

4. Assist development office and athletics department with men's and women's basketball

locker room enhancement project and other projects as identified.

5. Serve as mentor to all Tennessee athletic department coaching staffs.

Permissible Basketball Related Activities

• Observe practice.

• Participate in general staff meetings.

• Analyze team or opponent video.

• Analyze game or practice activities with members of the coaching staff.

• Enter the women's basketball locker room during half-time and after games as long as

the team and individual players are not instructed.

• Engage in all components of on-campus recruiting in women's basketball and other

sports. Be present at on-campus meals; communicate with recruits and their families.

• Send letters, em ails or handwritten notes to recruits in women's basketball and other


• Attend official visit meals and functions within 30 miles of campus, including hosting a

prospect for a meal at a staff member's home.

• Accompany a coach to airport to bring a prospect to campus for an official visit.

Player Development

• Personal mentoring.

• Life skills coaching.