Peeking In Your Living Room

Heads up if you watch TV, someone could soon be listening to you.


Check this out.

A new patent filed by Verizon says it will work on a concept that allows a set top box (DVR or cable box) to observe what’s going on in your house and serve you ads based on what it hears.


According to the patent, the device will detect “an ambient action performed by a user during the presentation of the media content program” and during the commercial break run ads based on whatever action you’re performing. The patent provides the helpful example of the Verizon box detecting that people are “cuddling” and serving up “a commercial for a romantic getaway vacation, a commercial for a contraceptive, a commercial for flowers, a commercial including a trailer for an upcoming romantic comedy movie, etc.”

Let’s say you are having an argument with your spouse, next commercial break-a marriage counsler or divorce attorney.

Talking sports- maybe tickets for upcoming games.


In 2008, Comcast patented a technology that would target programming based on how many people are in a room.