Pilot Grill 2013 Contest Rules

Rules and Regulations

  1.   To be eligible to participate in this contest, entrants must be 18 years or older.
  2.   There are three ways for listeners to enter the contest. 1- Listen to B97.5 for the cue to call three times every weekday from 7/8/13 to 8/16/13.   2-Register at participating Pilot locations from 7/8/13 to 8/16/13. 3- Register at B97.5 remote broadcasts between 7/8/13 and 8/16/13.
  3.   Employees or relatives of South Central Media or other radio stations in the Knoxville area and their respective affiliated companies, distributors, advertising and promotion agencies, and the immediate family members or household members of each are ineligible.  Employees of Participating sponsors and employees of any other company where a live remote is held are ineligible. 
  4. Qualifiers will be as follows:
  5. B97.5 on air qualifiers:  90
    Pilot qualifiers:              127 (3 qualifiers per Pilot location drawn from registration boxes placed in Pilot locations, 5 from Pilot remote broadcast on 8/5, 15 from Pilote remote broadcast on 8/23)


       6. B97.5 may require proof of age, identification and/or social security number prior to delivering a prize.

       7. No purchase is necessary to enter.  Only one entry per person.

      8. Only one person per household may become qualified.

      9. Incomplete or illegible entries or registrations may be disqualified.

      10.  South Central Media is not responsible for any lost mail, incorrect addresses, incorrect phone numbers, or failure to notify winners of the grand prize event. 

     11. The Grand Prize is a Team Grill Gas Grill.

     12. All qualifiers will be required to attend a giveaway hosted at Pilot on Thursday 8/29/13 located at 2907 Alcoa Highway, Knoxville, TN.  Upon check in listeners will receive a colored ticket corresponding to 5 groups that will then be eliminated 1 at a time by a TBD method until 1 final group remains.  Final group will participate in a reverse drawing. Qualifiers will be required to check in at Pilot on 8/29/13. Qualifiers who do not check by 7pm will be disqualified. Stand-ins will be permitted but must notify the B97.5 promotions dept. with the name of their stand in by 5pm on 8/28/13. Stand ins cannot already be qualified.

     13. Grand Prize winner is responsible for all, fees, licenses, and registration.

     14. Membership registrations or entries that are determined by Station Management to be fraudulent, incomplete, and illegible or duplicates will be void and the person making such an entry barred from further participation. 

     15. All entries and registrations become the property of B97.5 and will not be acknowledged or returned. 

     16. South Central Media is not responsible for loss of service to the contest phone number due to overload, busy signals, or any other factors that may prevent an individual from completing his/her call. South Central Media cannot be held liable for (a) any lost or stolen membership entries or registrations, prizes or contest information, (b) any attempted registration or contact of grand prize event including phone or mail problems, lost, disconnected, not fully received, illegible or inaudible, nor (c) any technical malfunction related to any computer network, software, internet access, ISP's, servers, routers, or any other technical problem that may impact registration or prize claim including, without limitation, any internet telephone call connections, fax transmission or telephone calls.  South Central Media and its sponsors are not responsible for printing errors.

     17. By participating in this contest, each entrant hereby consents to South Central Media and its sponsors using the contestant’s name, voice, likeness, biographical information, hometown, his/her participation in the contest, and the substance of the contestant’s entry (in whole or in part) for on-air broadcast and for advertising and promotional purposes.  Entrant agrees that no additional compensation will be paid for such usage. 

     18. South Central Media reserves the right to make rules, contest changes and change the aforementioned contest dates.  South Central Media shall be the sole arbiters in all matters relating to the contest and the interpretation of the contest rules.  The decisions of South Central Media shall be final.   South Central Media reserves the right to cancel the contest at any time without prior notification.

     19. Entry into South Central Media contests constitutes agreement to abide by these rules, as well as any other specific contest rules established by South Central Media. These contest rules supersede, to the extent only of any conflict, any applicable general contest rules of South Central Media. 

     20. Copies of these complete contest rules are available at South Central Media Station studios located at 1100 Sharps Ridge Road, Knoxville, TN 37917.

     21. This contest is subject to all applicable laws and regulations and is void where prohibited.