Prayer to Return to Schools?

An interesting idea is pushing it’s way into Indiana schools... Prayer in Public schools.

Senator Dennis Kruse wants to bring back prayer; the bill he has introduced allows school districts to require each school day to begin by reciting “The Lord’s Prayer,” though individual students could opt out if they or their parents preferred.

With Republicans holding overwhelming majorities in both the Indiana House and Senate and former U.S. Rep. Mike Pence preparing to take office as governor, some critics have anticipated an easy path.

Now, while this might sound like a good idea at first look to many people, you gotta stop and think....


  1.  These are Government run institutions; we don’t want the Government in any way telling us WHAT and HOW to believe.
  2.  A kid can pray anytime. Should it be structured to JUST THIS prayer
  3.  What if it was instituted that they read from the Koran? I wouldn't get near as much support... It would make you mad!


My parents seem to think this may move forward but remember: There was a Supreme Court Case that found prayers at public school graduation ceremonies are UNCONSTITUTIONAL EVEN IF students can opt out because it entangles government with religion. 


I would love it if the schools started each day with a moment of silence but there are those that argue that is “value” teaching... and your values are different than mine.


So I would say that prayer each morning should start at home or in the car with your kids on the way to school... Do you agree? Tell us on Facebook!