A Proactive Approach to Bullying

Has it really come down this this?


A school district in California could be setting the trend that other school districts may follow.


Glendale Unified School District has come up with a way to stay ahead of trouble before it happens.


The district has hired a Hermosa Beach company to monitor public social media posts made by its students to find out when teens are in trouble or causing it.


  • The company Geo Listening is analyzing the posts of 13,000 students at eight Glendale middle and high schools.
  • The goal is to give school administrators critical information as soon as possible.
  • “The whole purpose is student safety,” say administrators 
  • It works by monitoring for keywords where if a student is considering harming themselves, harming someone else.
  • And they monitor on and OFF campus! 
  • During the pilot service last year, Geo Listening and the district were able to intervene with a suicidal student. 
  • The Geo Listening company claims their system has led to numerous successful interventions on behalf of students that intended self-harm, suicide, bullying, truancy, substance abuse, and vandalism. We monitor only public posts to social networks. We do not monitor privatized pages, SMS, MMS, email, phone calls, voicemails. 
  • What do some of the students think? One said “he doesn’t mind the monitoring and neither does his mother.”
  • The cost of the monitoring service is $40,500 a year.


Courtesy of CBS News