Protect Yourself!

Really Good Password

Okay we all saw what happened last week with LinkedIn and EHarmony. (the passwords of over 6.5  million people like you and me were stolen) All the security experts were saying CHANGE your password now-  Especially if you use the SAME password for all your accounts. And start using different passwords for each account.


Phew!  What a pain in the passss...word that is!  And you know the rules:

Don’t use your name or other common words. Use different passwords for different sites. Change them often. Choose security questions that don’t involve information that everyone knows about you, or stuff that crooks can easily find on Facebook.  Blah blah blah...but for most folks it's just TOO much trouble...and those secure vaults that have all your passwords....for every little thing you do...much too much work! 

So according to the experts, here is a fool proof system to generate a strong password that you CAN remember easily.

The old, still very good way to fix your terrible passwords: Come up with a short phrase you’re likely to remember. Just like in school, it helps to make your mnemonic really bizarre—the stranger the phrase, the easier it’ll be to remember. For example, Kim Kardashian is the most amazing woman in all 50 states, or Mitt Romney and Barack Obama decided to make 10 waffles. Notice that the phrases use a mix of capitalized and lowercase words, and  some numbers as well.

To make a password, just take the first letter of each word in your phrase. The sentences above would turn into KKitmawia50s and MRaBOdtm10w. Both of those passwords are extremely strong—they’re long, and they’re free of common English words that can be guessed by a computer.

You can generate different passwords for different sites by varying your phrase slightly for each one.