The Purple Heart

Debbie, a friend of mine shared this story with me yesterday and I just loved it and wanted to pass it along to you. 

Her friend, Beth is married to Eddy, who is a decorated soldier in the Army.  Beth was looking for a bargain on a Facebook Yard sale...and she got more than she bargained for.  She wanted to buy a set of bowls from a buyer who had posted a picture of the bowls.  They worked out the details and  had picked out a place to meet and exchange the money and the bowls.

Let me read Beth's Facebook post AFTER she got the bowls.

Beth Hill Weathers – Husband Eddy in US Army

Monday near Sierra Vista, AZ

Just met up with someone from a facebook yardsale site, to buy a set of bowls they were selling. We met at a local school. When her husband arrived with the bowls, he asked about my Purple Heart license plate. When I told them they were my husbands Purple Hearts, he handed me the bowls and said "thank you, but I won't take your money". When I insisted, he replied "absolutely not, but thank you and enjoy the bowls." I cried all the way home and then again when I told Eddie. Unexpected and so kind.