Reconnected After A Tornado

Just an incredible story from Danbury Texas-

That was where the tornados struck last Thursday. It was a powerful storm system  that spawned as many as 10  tornadoes tore through two North Texas neighborhoods, killing at least six adults. 

As of daybreak, seven people were missing in the town of Granbury, which is just outside Fort Worth, and at least one tornado was listed as an EF-4, which means winds can reach 200 mph.

And there is a pretty amazing story from Jerry Shuttlesworth, who lives in Danbury. He was watching the tornado approach so he grabbed his 6 year old dog, Junior,  and hid in the bathroom of his home. As the tornado imploded on his house, Junior was sucked out of his arms and Jerry was thrown 20 feet outside of his house.

And he got a good look INSIDE the tornado!

He was too hurt with a broken foot and many, many lacerations to look for his dog. Veterinary personel and rescue workers did set up a shelter for lost and found animals, but there's been no cell phone service or electricity in the area. You can imagine it's been very tough to help folks like Jerry who've lost their pets.

But Jerry got lucky, one of the helpers at the shelter saw him on TV and she connected a picture she'd seen on Facebook that was listing missing pets- and the two were reunited! Jerry is still trying to figure out where Junior went.

The shelter has over 200 pets right now as they search and try to reunite the owners.