Refusing to Say Sorry Better Than Apologizing?

I was thinking of "SORRY" songs yesterday: 

Elton John:  Sorry seems to be the hardest word...

Chicago:  Its hard for me to say I'm sorry...


And you know what, these guys just might be onto something...


Even though psychologists will tell you that apologizing is cleansing and it helps you get any guilt off your chest, apparently they are wrong!


Australian scientists have found out that refusing to apologize makes us feel much better than actually saying sorry.

228 Americans were asked to remember a time they had done something wrong. They then split the group up randomly and got half to write an apology email, and the other half to write an email refusing to apologize.

Guess who felt better? THE HOLDOUTS!  It empowered them.

They consistently found that people felt better when they refused to apologize.