The holidays can be very stressful --what can you do to ease the pressure? Self magazine has a suggestion for every day of the week!<?xml:namespace prefix = o />
   Monday --Walk around your neighborhood to see all the twinkling lights --just twenty minutes of exercise can release seratonin can lift your mood.
   Tuesday --Drop some coins in the Salvation Army bucket. Giving even a little bit triggers a "reward circuit" in your brain much like having a milkshake or (ahem) doing the nasty!
   Wednesday --Eat the sweets. They're everywhere so don't beat yourself up if you give in. On the bright side, most cookies have less sugar than a bowl of Smart Start cereal.
   Thursday --Breathe. Inhale for four seconds and release for eight. Try it when you're at an uncomfortable cocktail party, looking for a parking spot or stuck behind the woman that wants to return a clearance blouse from the mid-90's.
    Friday --Take it all in. Yes, baking for twenty of your closest friends can be stressful, but remember to lick the batter, smell the yumminess coming from the stove and enjoy the beauty of the season.
   Saturday --Sample those delicious lotions at the mall. Lavendar can be very soothing, but any appeasing scent will make you feel more relaxed --and in control.
   Sunday --Take it easy. Yes, you may want everything to be "perfect," but if creating hand-painted cards or elegantly-decorated cookies is killing you --stop. Your loved ones would much prefer a generic present if the giver is happy.