RFID Chips Used On Students

Tracking Devices

This seems like a great idea. As a matter of fact, it sounds like a PERFECT solution: tracking devices to let us know where kids are all the time. 

Or to let School administrators know where students are...

But it’s got a lot of parents riled up in Texas over a new school program that requires students to wear electronic tracking chips at all times while their at school.  It’s a program at many Houston, TX area schools that’s been working for about 4 years and the use of this technology is growing. 

Here’s how it works:  A small chip is embedded into a student’s ID card and wherever that card or student goes, the chip goes. It’s used to track attendance, but this new system now instituted in the San Antonio school system is meeting with a lot of resistance because parents are concerned about privacy and the students feel like they are being forced to wear the chip. Not only does the chip tell you WHERE the student is... but it also counts them which means big bucks for the school. 

Look at it this way:  for every student counted in “attendance” the schools are paid $30 a day.  The schools were losing nearly $2 million a year without the electronic keepers.  The revenues raised by the devices are just to hard to resist.


Is this a smart way to keep up with our kids? Or are we treating them like cattle?!?!

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