Sandy Hook Victim Father Gives Moving Speech

It was an emotional day yesterday at the gathering of parents who are victims of Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting that appeared before the Connecticut Legislature for an assault weapons ban and changes in mental health policy to prevent future tragedies .

Hundreds lined up to tesitify and many parents had differing opinions on gun laws.

The hearing yesterday was strictly about gun violence prevention. Today, the Legislature will focus on mental health issues. A final scheduled hearing is Wednesday in Newtown, where the Legislature wants to hear the views of the community most affected by the shootings


One parent, Mark Mattioli, the father of James Mattioli spoke and his words were really powerful.

Mattioli says he believes in "simple, few gun laws" and that there are "more than enough on the books."

But he said they're not being properly enforced.

Mattioli received a standing ovation.

Gun manufacturers and sellers said they opposed banning weapons and levying higher taxes on ammunition sales.