Want to spend just 15 minutes per week and save $100 a month? Follow these four steps from brains behind The Krazy Coupon Lady dot-com website and the new book "Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey," which is being hailed as "the coupon bible." 
Step One: Release your inner coupon fetish Where do you find coupons? The two main sources are the Sunday newspaper and coupons you can print from home. Visit and click "print coupons." There you'll find a huge alphabetical list of coupons to print!Step Two: Get organized and build your coupon binderKeep organized — you don't want a big useless pile of coupons. Find an organization method that fits your schedule.Step Three: Shop smart  Don't purchase items just because you have a coupon. Only buy a product when you find a sale price and a coupon that makes the retail price acceptable. Step Four: Build a stockpile that will put your neighbor's to shame When you can purchase an item for 75 percent or more off retail price, stock up! The goal is to purchase enough of the product to get you through until the next sale cycle, which is approximately three months.