Saving in 2012! may have blown your budget during Christmas and now you're getting those  NICE credit card bills; and you are thinking, how in the world am I gonna pay this stuff off!?!?  We've got some help for you that will help you save throughout the year!


 Five Frugal Ways to Save in the New Year

   1. Resolve to Get Healthy, but Skip the Gym Membership.  Form a group of friends and walk together or run as a tea .

   2. Resolve to Track Your Spending. That thrice-weekly mocha habit may be delicious, but it could be leaking 60-bucks-per-month out of your budget! Set a limit for coffee shops, fast food or other "extras."

   3. Resolve to Get a Grip on Your Groceries. Don't focus on the advertised price, but the cost per ounce, unit or pound --then compare them on everything you buy!

   4. Resolve Not To Spread Yourself Thin. Make a schedule that actually fits your lifestyle. If you need more than a half-hour to get from work to soccer practice, plan the extra time. Squeezing too much in almost guarantees you'll be ordering dinner from a fast-food employee and spending more of your precious cash!

   5. Resolve to Say No. Those two little letters can be tough to spit out, but if you can't afford a weekend trip with friends, tickets to a concert or even dinner at a local restaurant, say it! Before dropping disposable income, think --then come to a clear, concise and wise decision and don't apologize for it!