The Secrets to Weight Loss!

The definitive answer to weight-loss may just fool even the best dieters!  The latest release in the June edition of the New England Journal of Medicine is surprising and shocking.  5 doctors studied 121,000 men and women who were healthy and not overweight for a period of twenty years.  The participants were NOT given a diet or exercise plan....they simply followed their eating habits and lifestyles every two years and at the conclusion of 20 years....they published the results.


Here's what doesn't work:

*eating fewer calories

*Consuming smaller portions

*Counting Calories


The worse foods....foods that cause you to gain are:

1.  French Fries

2.  potato Chips

3.  sugar sweetened drinks

4.  Red meat and processed meats

5.  sweets and desserts

6.  Butter


Those in the study who lost the most weight...exercised and ate 3 particular foods:

1.  Yogurt

2.  Nuts

3.  Peanut Butter


And the biggest insight.....SLEEP

Participants who slept less than 6 hours OR MORE than 8 Hours gained weight,

7 Hours is the perfect weight loss DREAM

There ya go! Now we all just have to actually put this to use!