Security Channel


There are hundreds of television channels out there, but in one Bucks County community in Pennsylvania, there could soon be another. People may soon be able to watch a video feed of a police security camera — from their couch.

Right now Bristol Borough council members are considering a proposal that would allow regular people to watch Police surveillance cameras that are already constantly watching you.


So how would it feel  if you had access to what police are viewing?


If the proposal is passed, residents could keep an eye on a couple  buildings via the web or the local government access channel.

“It’s not really a high crime area in Bristol Borough, so I don’t see the significance of letting the community look at the building,” said Baxter.

The idea is that the public could watch video surveillance and report a crime as it’s happening. But then again, the Bristol Borough Police Chief Arnold Porter says those calls could be more of an annoyance.

“My only concern would be being inundated by calls such as there’s kids riding bicycles across the lot,” said Porter.

Chief Porter says there are roughly a dozen surveillance cameras throughout the small borough to help solve their top two crimes: theft and vandalism.

He says the borough will likely vote on the issue next month.

It’s a different form of reality T.V. that doesn’t pay to be a part of the program.