Should Alcoa Highway Be Changed?

After yesterday's big crash on Alcoa Highway ("I'll Kill Ya Highway")...

 Is it time to turn Alcoa Highway into a Kingston Pike?  Add traffic lights and slow it down?  Would that help? TDOT recommendations:

The project is proposing:

  • Six lanes for the majority of Alcoa Highway.
  • Eight lanes in Blount County from Topside Road to Singleton Station Road.
  • A concrete median barrier for the entire project area, like already exists from Woodson Drive to the Naval-Marine base in Knox County.
  • All left turns would be eliminated, right turns would be allowed at existing locations.
  • Interchanges would be used to facilitate left turns. Existing interchanges include John Sevier Highway and Cherokee Trail (at UT Hospital). Five new interchanges would be added, three in Blount County (Singleton Station Road, Hillside Drive/Lakemont Drive, Topside Road) and two in Knox County (Topside Road and Maloney Road).
  • A series of frontage and collector roads will carry traffic adjacent to Alcoa Highway, including a frontage road connecting Hillside Drive and Lakemont Drive in Blount County and connector roads between Ginn Road and Woodson Drive.
  • The project will require approximately 128 acres of right-of-way, including some land at the Marine Park (next to the Naval-Marine base) and I.C. King Park. It will displace approximately 46 residences (21 single family homes, four mobile homes, and 21 tenants in two apartment buildings) and 24 businesses.