Should Teachers Carry Guns?

Guns in school... the topic continues and the questions remain. What's the best way to protect our children?

And last week, Dr. McIntyre talked about considering the funding and the need to put an officer in our schools at a budget of 1.9 million dollars. (It comes down to $34 per student in additional spending) Is that the best alternative? Or should we look at what South Dakota has passed. 

Responding to the Newtown school shootings, South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard signed a bill into law Friday which will allow teachers to carry guns to school. While some other states have provisions in their gun laws that make it possible for teachers to be armed, South Dakota is believed to be the first state to pass a law that specifically allows teachers to carry firearms. Supporters say that the measure is important in a rural state like South Dakota, where some schools are many miles away from emergency responders.


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