Should Today Be A National Holiday?

A man has created a petition to the White House to make Monday after the Super Bowl a national holiday.

Josh Moore, a fantasy football website owner, said his main reasons for starting the petition: more productivity at work and to make the streets safer for our kids.

His online petition already has over 12,000 signatures, but needs 100,000 by February 23 for the Obama administration to give him an official response.

Josh believes that partying on football's biggest night has negative effects that carry over until Monday morning.

According to the petition, Moore said the National Holiday could "promote camaraderie among the American people, keep the streets safer for our children on Sunday night and Monday morning, promote a productive workplace when work resumes on Tuesday, and honor the most popular event in modern American culture."

Last year, almost 111 million Americans watched the Super Bowl. According to Moore, those people and even non-NFL fans need a day off.

Drunk drivers on the roads are why Moore said kids need to be out of school.

Moore said it's going to be an uphill battle, but he's hardly had any negative feedback.

To sign the petition, go to