You know...I am an adoptive mom.  I have a soon to be 8 year old son, Garrett.  I love him.  I wanted a child.  I waited a long time to have this particular little boy come to me...I feel by the Grace of God I was given Garrett in my life....and what I saw yesterday just makes my blood boil.  In Wisconsin, Senate Bill 507, introduced by Republican Senator Glenn Grothman, moves to amend existing state law by "requiring the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board to emphasize nonmarital parenthood as a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect." 

Did you get that:  The bill would require educational and public awareness campaigns held by the board to emphasize that not being married is abusive and neglectful of children, and to underscore "the role of fathers in the primary prevention of child abuse and neglect."

A third of all parents in Wisconsin are single. Given that single mothers far outnumber single fathers in the state and in the rest of the country, and given the emphasis on fathers being part of the solution rather than part of the problem, many people feel that the bill is tantamount to an attack on single moms. 

Mr. Glen feels that the government urges women not to get married by making programs like low-income housing assistance, school choice, WIC, tax credits, and food stamps more attractive than marriage.  His solution to this awful trend of single mothers is to Restrict the types of foods that can be purchased with food stamps, make Section 8 housing more cramped and limit the value of assets owned living there to $2,000, and eliminate school choice, among other things. "It is inexcusable that a single mother making $15,000 gets her kid out of the Milwaukee Public Schools but a married couple earning $50,000 is stuck in the public schools," he wrote. "It is also somewhat outrageous that some married couples feel they can only afford one or two children in part because they are paying excessive taxes to provide programs for someone else to have four or five children.   

Sounds like someone’s in a bad mood....come on...really....I see a couple of things wrong with Senator Grothman’s bill 507..... you can’t get married if the fella leaves because you’re pregnant and he won’t stick around and stand up to his responsibilities.  And number 2:  Senator are meddling in a place you know absolutely nothing’ve never been’ve never had kids.... so I would say it’s best to shut your mouth where you have no experience.