The Social Media Contract

"Rules of Usage for Facebook and Phone" contract. Because we pay the bills in this house, we get to decide how the phone and internet are used. But why a contract? Well, I've found that clearly stating expectations in writing works really well with our kids. Plus a printed and signed document gives us all something to refer back to if he should ever "forget" the rules.  Rules of Usage for Facebook and Phone/Texting Facebook – Your wall should be a profanity, fighting and inappropriate post-free zone! If a “friend” posts any of the above, delete it. If they continue, unfriend them. When a friend posts on your wall or you post on theirs, always ask yourself “is this something I would be comfortable with a parent seeing?” If not, DELETE or don’t post! Phone/Texting – Same rules apply here. As payers of the bills, we reserve the right to take up your phone at any time and monitor the texts coming in. We also reserve the right to block any number that sends you anything inappropriate. As always, the phone is to be turned off or put away during homework/study and dinner times. Phone/iPod Turn-in – They go nighty night when you do. Place both in the basket in our bedroom when you go to bed. You may pick them back up before school the next day. Consequences: If you choose not to adhere to the rules of usage, we reserve the right to take up your phone and iPod for a period of time or limit use of or delete your Facebook account. I, ______________________________, understand that my wonderful parents are generous enough to provide me with internet and phone privileges and therefore, I will respect them by abiding by the rules of usage above. I fully understand the consequences if I choose not to do so.