A Special Home Run

See the Video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpESgqrmlQk



When Dylan Coleman hit his first home run, it came off the bat with a very special sound. The spectators were stunned and the crowd roared to their feet. 

The sad part of this story is his dad wasn't there.  Dylan had to settle for a call to his dad to let him know he'd put one over the fence.  Right then, his dad made a promise- that's the last home run he'd ever miss. 

Dylan was born to play baseball. He first touched a ball when he was 6 months old. Growing up, it was his passion.  But teams did seem to want to pick him even when HE clearly had MORE skill and MORE talent... he wasn't picked and it was HIS dad that helped him through the rejection.    

So Dylan never gave up. Patiently he waited, tried out, and finally earned a spot on a college team.  Dylan plays for Gordon College.  And there with his dad in the stands, he wanted more than anything to hit a home run for his dad.  So Dylan approached the plate, dug in hard, watched the pitcher nod, and SMACK! It's Out of here!!!


Pretty incredible... He did it... And it's a wonderful miracle- because Dylan has one hand.  A one handed home run....

See the Video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpESgqrmlQk