A Spring Break Travel Tip

Spring Break is right around the corner for a lot of kids and their families.

If you’re family is split on where to go perhaps you can let a website chose for you.

It’s a new site that launched last week. It’s called GetGoing.com. It takes the hassle out of searching for a flight.


Here’s how it works.

Enter 2 destinations you would like to visit, so lets say Disneyworld in Orlando or skiing in Colorado.

Pick the flight times and how many connections you're willing to make. Enter your credit card information. Wait for the computer to tell you which of the two destinations it chose for you. Flight details – airline, exact flight departure time – are revealed.


Here’s the deal, you have to live with what the computer website picks, and if you can live with that, said the site's creator, you can save big money -- between 20 and 40 percent -- on flights.

The developer of the website says beyond the cost savings GetGoing.com can offer, it's also a way for people to help people find places that are affordable and give them more choices in their price range. It also allows travelers to log in using Facebook and see which of their friends have been to the destinations where they're interested in traveling.

"The idea," he said, "is to give you a relatively small list that's somewhat diverse but concentrated in places you may be interested in."

It helps if the traveler isn't an airline loyalist: The name of the airline remains opaque, or hidden, until the booking is complete. 


Of course, there are more choices and better prices during nonpeak travel periods. It will be more difficult to find deals to great destinations for a family of four over Fourth of July weekend than the first week in January.

The science behind this website? It’s nothing more that a “digital” flipping of the coin.