Spring Hill Smoking Ban

Ban on smoking

I have to say... I think I see a lot less smoking these days an in the past but I just can't agree with what has been passed in Spring Hill.

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen got together Monday night an approved an ordinance on a 5 to 3 vote... so maybe some people agree with the "rights" aspect of this like I do.

If you are caught smoking in a Spring Hill Park..youre gonna pay the fine!  $138.75!

The proposal by Alderman Keith Hudson was amended to specifically ban smoking in city parks where the public gathers to exercise, participate in athletics or watch sports events.

Hudson compared the ban to seatbelt laws meant to protect the public. But Alderman Amy Wurth said the ban was too restrictive on the rights of individuals in a public area.

The minor municipal offense will likely carry a $138.75 fine, the same penalty for drinking alcohol or having an open container in a park.


I can't agree with this....