Stay At Home Moms vs Working Moms

Wow... This shocked me a little... but perhaps I am not able to put myself in the place of a stay at home mom, so I can't imagine what their day is like. But I do know that Taking care of kids around the clock can be hazardous to your mental health. It's taxing and you just don't get a break sometimes...

A Gallup survey of 60,000 women discovered that stay-at-home moms are more likely to have depression, sadness, and anger than working moms.

Sad, but not exactly a big shocker. It's a grueling existence. Something -- or someone -- always needs to be changed, cleaned, and preened. All it takes is a 10-week maternity leave for a new mom to realize that taking care of kids full-time is literally the hardest gig in the universe. It's no wonder so many woman are excited to get back to the grind.  And so the survey says that we working moms have it EASY!

Here are the stats:  28% of stay at home moms are diagnosed with depression while

Only 17% of Working moms have depression..



So who do you think has it easier?

The numbers say that Working Moms do.


The bloggers say ....Stay at home Moms have a lot more relaxing on their schedule than the working Mom. Think about it. The working Mom still has all the house work of the Stay At Home Mom... And what about when the kids are in school? Then the Stay at Home Mom has a quiet peaceful morning to clean while the Working Mom is out earning money and working in a more stressful enviroment. I think that Stay At Home Moms are more depressed because they spend extra time thinking (time that Working Moms don't have) that Working Moms have it better, when it just may not be true!