Students Set Up Secret Mission To Find Thief

Just when you think you've heard it all, a story like this pops up. It's fairly common to hear about theft in schools. I know my daughter a couple of years ago had something swiped from her backpack and Ashley had someone steal something from Garrett. Luckily in both cases everything turned out well.Theft was happening at a California high school and one of the students wanted to do a little detective work and find out who is responsible. The crimes were taking place in the locker room of the school gym. The student, Beth waited til all of the students left the locker room and hid in a locker. Then after all of the students left the locker room, she started her smartphone and took video of the person rummaging thru the backpacks.  The culprit: The GYM Teacher!  But here's the sad part. Instead of of being a hero after reporting this to the school's principal, the principal asked the student to delete the video and go away. The good news was, before she told the principal, Beth sent the video to her dad so he still had a copy. Other students had passed the video around as well.  The teacher is now on administrative leave. The Linden School District told that it is investigating the matter. No criminal charges have yet been filed. That decision will be up to the district attorney.  Betti said the decision to turn the video in was difficult because her veteran teacher is one of the most popular at the school. "She was so nice. Like I saw it and I would never believe it," she said. Other students have been supportive. "Makes you feel like your privacy was invaded, but you know, you can't help but feel bad for her. She was a great teacher," said Linden sophomore Kellie Martinez, who also has a class with the teacher. Betti feels the same way.