Supreme Court and Free Speech....

The Supreme Court has ruled by a vote of 8 to 1 that the members of Westboro Baptist Church are protected by the First Amendment right of assembly and free speech in their protesting at the funerals of fallen marines.
 Perhaps I am the only one who fails to see the "legal" issue at play here. Exactly how can this "hate" speech be protected? We see "speech" squashed all the time. We know without a doubt that there are certain "words" that are off limits. You can't yell "FIRE" in a theatre and anything that can even remotely be misconstrued as "hate speech" is even illegal. Their anti-gay rhetoric at the funeral of a fallen hero of our country is beyond sickening to me. Exactly how does that not fall under hate speech?
 As American's we support the right to free speech, even that which I can not necessarily support in principal. I can't understand how the system allows for these false prophets to use the setting of a grieving family to spew their hatred of fellow humans. That is absolutely beyond any logical boundry I can envision.
 I find it appalling that our justice (?) system could possibly come to this conclusion based on law. They certainly couldn't have reached it using any logic. They want to quote the "Founding Fathers" in protecting our freedoms. Do any of us believe that the "Fathers" would have in their wildest dreams supported this as what they intended to protect? I know I refuse to believe it. My gut feel is that you don't believe that either.
 My suggestion to the "legal" and "legislative" communities is that a law be enacted that is written similar to the law banning liquor stores within a certain distance of churches and schools. It would make it illegal to protest within 1 mile of any funeral home, church or cemetery within 2 hours of any services being held. That protects the protester's rights to protest as well as accommodating the grieving families rights to civility during their services. It won't happen of course due to the clear lack of logic that is ever applied to these circumstances. Nothing actually will happen until some family member snaps and strikes out at the protesters and other needless deaths occur. That is how the system actually "works."
 If you've researched the Westboro Church Membership you no doubt have learned that the congregation is almost 100% comprised of one family tree. I suggest their tree doesn't branch. Until today, I didn't know the Supreme Court's didn't either.