The T-shirt that caused the SUSPENSION

We received this email:  Dear Ashley & Brad,I am so devastated over my daughters school’s decision to suspend her for a day, for wearing what they thought was an offensive t-shirt. Just to let you know, I am going thru treatments for breast cancer. It’s been a long road to recovery and I have a couple of treatments left.I’m a single mom and my 12 year old has been my rock thru all of this. She is so proud to be a supporter of breast cancer awareness that she made a t-shirt that said “Save The Ta-Ta’s”. She wore it to school last week and they suspended her for the offensive shirt. The school says my daughters shirt was a huge distraction. What is wrong with these people at school. Do they not care or understand? Since when did “ta-‘ta’s” become a dirty word? Sorry to vent, I know you both do a lot for breast cancer awareness and thought you would want to know. Take care and see you in October at the race!