Tax Season Is Underway


If you’ve already done your taxes and you want to find out when you’ll get your money, you’re not alone and that’s causing a problem.

The Internal Revenue Service reports being overrun with eager taxpayers looking for their refunds.

The IRS says its website "Where's my refund?" and smart phone app are updated once a day -- usually overnight.

The agency posts when the tax return is received, when the refund is approved and when the refund is sent. They're telling people there's no need to check the website or app multiple times a day.

Twenty-five years ago, you desperately checked the mailbox every day.

Nine out of 10 taxpayers typically receive refunds in less than 21 days when they file returns online and get refunds deposited directly into bank accounts, the agency said.

The IRS is receiving more than 1 million returns a day and volume is expected to increase in the coming days, Lemons said. About 75 percent of individual filers get refunds. Last year they averaged $2,803.


The website:'s-My-Refund-It's-Quick,-Easy,-and-Secure.