Things You Can Tell About a Man By Looking at Him

Ladies....this should make things easier when looking for "Mr. Right!"


Things You Can Tell About a Man By Looking at Him

Is your man a lover or a fighter? A cheater or a charmer? According to research from all over the globe, you can tell a lot about a man just by looking at him. Yep, you can actually figure out how long he'll last in bed by the size of his belly, or how compassionate he is based on the shape of his nose. Gathering data from scientists, medical doctors and engineers, The UK's Mirror has compiled this list of characteristics to help you decipher if you're with a quality guy.


-)Hefty men make for longer lovers. Maybe skinny dudes eat less, and are all weak or something, but the real reason seems to be, heavier men have more female hormones, and more female hormones makes it easier for them to go the distance. This study shows that large lovers last over 5 minutes longer than skinny guys.


-)Wide faced men have bigger cheating hearts. Not only are wide faced men more aggressive, but they are more likely to lie.


-)When it comes to a sign of intelligence, bald men are smarter. Their average IQ is 4 points above their full-head-of-hair counterparts.


-)Speaking of hair, guys with thick, dark eyebrows are not only friendlier, but they're nicer to their friends. A guy with messy eyebrows is likely a mess in real life, too.


-)Green eyes may be sexy, and blue eyes most desirable, but brown eyed men make the best family guys.


-)His nose knows what type of person he is. Long and wide noses are a sign of creativity and passion. Snub nosed men make for more attentive partners. The more turned up the nose, the more adventurous he'll be in bed.