THP Posts Checkpoints For Public Knowledge


Earlier this week, some local media websites posted 2 upcoming THP Checkpoints in Knox County.

They have the 2 planned for Friday.

Before we tell you the 2 locations we have a quick question to ask you about “checkpoints”.

By releasing the “checkpoint” info, won’t that defeat the purpose of doing them? Let’s face it, they both take place at 11pm. You know this is more than checking to see if you have your seat belt on.

So if you drink and drive all you need to do is avoid these 2 stops.

Here’s how I feel. If the police agencies are gonna post these “checkpoints”, then do the same for the speed traps.

It’s either all or none to me when you only post checkpoints but not speed traps.



The Tennessee Highway Patrol will conduct the following roadside sobriety checkpoints in Knox County:


11 p.m.: Maryville Pike at Mt. Olive Baptist Church South

Dec. 7

11 p.m.: Oak Ridge Highway at Pellissippi Parkway