Three Children Fight Off Predator


This was just a frightening story. 3 little girls were walking home, as a parent, you think there are 3 of them. So you feel like they'll be safe... but it happened. 


The street: Parkway DRIVE NE in Atlanta....

Three girls were walking home Wednesday night when a man pulled up along side them in a black pickup. He slowed and asked the girls, "Where you going?"  The 3 girls, ages 7, 12 and 9, knew what to do because of 'stranger danger' (IGNORE HIM? DO NOT ANSWER.)   But he didn't give up, he pulled in front of the 3 girls and cut them off.  And thats when it got scary: he got out!  He grabbed the 7 year old, covered her mouth so she couldn't scream, and began dragging her toward the truck.  

The other two girls looked on in HORROR!  AND THAT'S WHEN THE SURPRISE HAPPENED. 


The other two girls grabbed the victim and attempted to pull her away from the suspect, who then released the girl and fled the scene in his vehicle.”

THEY FOUGHT HIM OFF!!!!! You go girls!!!!!  Now, that's a great thing to do and it worked because it surprised the perp. But normally kids should not put themselves at risk. 


or you may lose them!


This incident illustrates what Revved Up Kids teaches to children all over metro-Atlanta. The predators want the easy prey, the child that will go quietly, the child that will fearfully obey every command. Children need to understand this; and parents need to tell them that if they are ever facing an attacker, they need to act like wild animals. They need to kick and scream and bite and punch until the predator realizes that he chose the wrong child