Thursday Morning:

6:10 am  Top 5 Things You Need to Know  6:25 am  American Idol update!!!!!!  Casey is gone.  Crystal and Lee will sing off on Tuesday...the winner will be announced on Wednesday.  6:40 am  Check out the website:   6:55 am  Justin Bieber says...."He's a great kisser!"  wahoooo    7:10 am  John Travolta's wife, Kelly Preston, is pregnant at 47.  Will this start a baby-trend?  7:25 am  Congrats to a local High School for gathering $5 Million in Scholarships!  7:40 am  Email:  My folks are movin' in and she's movin' out....HELP!  7:55 am  Ashley & Brad Scholarship Fund...get your money!!!!  8:10 am  Hate your job BUT you can't are some tips:    Are you "cocooning" until these messy financial times clear? Keep in mind these tips to stay motivated --no matter what your circumstance.     1. Practice Centering Yourself in the Present Moment. Observe your emotions without judgement --it's natural to feel excited, worried or both if you're thinking about a change.      2. Figure Out How to Use Your Current Position as a Leaping Pad. Even if you hate your gig, consider it a "laboratory for learning."      3. Change Routines To Think About What You're Doing. Don't watch the clock, do things in a different order, chat with office mates you normally wouldn't or attend someone else's meeting. Shaking things up could make you feel better about your day.      4. Be An Explorer. You create the story you live every day --make it a great scene stuffed with adventures and surprises!