Trampoline Dangers


The flu mist, mosquitos, poison ivy, bullies, sexting... As if we parents didn’t have enough to worry about, now, there’s another danger lurking in your VERY backyard THAT Doctor’s are now warning about.  Young children in particular are at high risk, especially those under the age of 5.

It’s YOUR trampoline!

In my subdivision, there’s a trampoline or two on every street!  My neighborhood has jumping bean fever and I think parents would rather see the kids outside jumping around than sitting inside on a beautiful day...playing video games or itouch apps.   

BUT  the American Academy of Pediatrics say trampolines can potentially be catastrophic. 

Here’s the warning:   don’t have a bunch of kids jumping because most injuries result from children falling off the trampolines and from collisions when more than one child is bouncing.

Netting and padding just don’t offer protection. Many injuries occur right on the mat.

Potentially they’ve seen injuries in every age group that include:  sprains, broken bones, and contusions.

Children under five are at particular risk, with 48 per cent of injuries in this age group resulted in fractures or dislocations.