Union County Buses STOP


The wheels on the bus go... nowhere!  Right now, the bus depot in Union County is full!  NO buses are running the rest of this school year.  And parents will be forced to find ways to take their kids to school.

The school board ran out of money just before the end of the school year and now kids are carpooling and parents are rushing LATE for work to make sure their kids finish this years education. 

Parking the buses saves the school system $40,000

Here's the problem... Some kids cannot get to school any other way. So for those few, it's causing major problems..

"It is unfortunate that we can't run the buses. The money is just not there," said Paulette Elementary School Principal Jason Bailey.

The principal said that attendance will be taken each day. Parents are worried that they might be arrested for truancy if their kids miss too many days of school. Administrators said parents can appeal that with the school board.

"My kids will not be in an Union County school next year," said parent Renda Gibson.

"It's crap that these people aren't doing what they're suppose to they're funded the money," said Gibson.

"My little girl said there's one little boy in her class that's not going for the rest of the year because the parents can't bring him," said Jennifer Emge.

Shannon Forsythe packed her car full of kids from her neighborhood.

"My car is only so big, I had four other parents in my subdivision ask me if I could bring their kids to school," said Forsythe.

Even though the board is saving thousands, parents said the runs to school cut into work time and could cost them their jobs.

So what is the answer?  better Budgeting?  Or MOVE to another county and school system?