Update on The Golden Voice

Remember the Golden voiced homeless man, Ted Williams?

He was the guy featured in a video that went viral. He got invited on the Today Show and then Kraft gave him a job doing voiceovers for their macaroni and cheese.

Then we found out about his very strained relationship with his 7 children and his mother; he fell back into the drugs and alcohol, went to rehab twice, and it looked like Ted was just not going to be able to beat his demons...


So we did a little research and found out some NEW news on Ted.. and it’s GOOD news!


Now, 2 years later, Ted still has his job with Kraft and an apartment that he calls home. And the best part, he has a nonprofit foundation that he started with Kraft, The Ted Williams Project, which helps the poor in Columbus. 

“Some people, they really look at me with admiration, and they’re like, ‘God if you can do it, I can do it,’’’ Williams said. “I feel like if I fail, what is that person going to do?’’

Williams can empathize with the plight of the homeless in Columbus, many of whom are still his friends, as he remembers what it was like to stand on a highway median and ask people for money.

“I thought it was the most degrading thing,’’ he said. “I thought it was the lowest form of homelessness.’’