Warning Against Singing In The Car!!!

Singing and Driving

We have a warning for you this morning... and it's about US!

It's about our Better Mix of Music and your singing in the car. It's fun to sing along, sometimes it's even funny; but now it may be dangerous.


A new study has some surprising findings.


It found singing along with the radio while driving has a serious effect on your driving abilities, and not in the ways you might think.

The Australian study finds singing behind the wheel makes driving seem more mentally demanding, and that makes it more difficult for most people to maintain their speed.

However, the good news is, "Driving performance changes when you're listening to music and singing. You actually tend to slow down. You actually stay more centered in your lane. You become a little bit more careful," explains Cleveland Clinic psychologist Dr. Scott  Bea.

But singing also slightly reduces your reaction time, making you slower to respond to pedestrians or other hazards.

Psychologists say we subconsciously realize how distracting music can be.



So....lucky for you we're only TELLING you this and not singing it to you.