We Have Figured Out Your Men's Lies!


Be warned, gentlemen --your secret is out! Cosmopolitan reports guys lie about six-times every day --twice as much as women. What's with the fibs? The love goddesses at the magazine discovered the 10 biggest love lies and the real story behind them!



   10. "I'm Stuck in Traffic." JOHN AMODEO, author of "The Authentic Heart," says this is code for running late, even if the reason is totally legitimate.


   9. "It Wasn't That Expensive." BARTON GOLDSMITH, who wrote "Emotional Fitness for Intimacy," says men love toys but hate disapproval. Translation? He doesn't want you thinking he'll blow your savings on plasma TVs if you ever get serious.


   8. "I'm on My Way." You'll hear this one when it's something he doesn't want to attend and he's trying to gain control by showing up late.


   7. "I Didn't Have Too Much to Drink." Do you see those red flags? This could mean Mr. Wonderful has a serious substance abuse problem --save the conversation for when he's sober.


   6. "Sorry, I Missed Your Call."

   5. "My Battery Died."

   4. "I Had No Signal." These three are all the same and another way of saying "I screened your call." Don't freak out --he probably just needs some alone time.


   3. "No, Your Butt Doesn't Look Big in That." This is a very safe response and you can't blame him for using it. Want honesty, girls? Ask your B-F-F!


   2. "This Will Be My Last Beer." He doesn't want to stop hanging out with his buddies, but does want off the phone! It's kind of like saying this will be your last chocolate chip cookie --a nice idea, but probably untrue.


   1. "Nothing's Wrong, I'm Fine." When guys want to protect their pride and avoid drama, this is a tried-and-true winner. Remember the male gender isn't usually great at expressing their feelings, so a little white lie is a great exit off the emotional highway.