Wednesday Morning:

6:10 am The Top 5 Things You Need to Know   6:25 am Remember this:    1992 Amy Fisher shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco      1992 Dan Quayle proclaimed that the "Murphy Brown" show was a "poverty of  values!"...which then lead to the L.A riots.  6:40 am 5 Fast Fixes for your relationship:  This from quick ideas for women on the run: IF YOU HAVE 10 SECONDS…. Hit pause.  This will come in handy the next time he’s really bugging you. Before one righteous word flies out of your mouth, FREEZE. Just watch him for 10 seconds. Visualize yourself in his shoes. Visualize him as he looked the first time you fell for him. Pause the action.IF YOU HAVE A MINUTE…Embrace each other gently and gradually synchronize your breathing with his. Just stand there inhaling and exhaling together, as if you were one being. A minute or two of this, apparently, lowers your inhibitions—and that can help people bond.  IF YOU HAVE 2 MINUTES… Jot down three things he’s done lately that you appreciate. Send the list as a note to him in an email at work. Or slip it under his coffee mug in the morning. If there’s one thing the research on happy long-term couples shows, it’s that they figure out how to accentuate the positive. ”  IF YOU HAVE 3 MINUTES…Standing or sitting fairly close to your partner, start moving your hands, arms, and legs any way you like—but in a fashion that perfectly mimics his. You will both feel as if you are moving voluntarily, but your actions are also linked to those of your partner.  IF YOU’VE GOT 5 MINUTES… Try a daily forgiveness ritual,. It's like a little shot of immunity to prevent you from fighting. Find a quiet spot to sit, and let these phrases go through your mind: If I have hurt or harmed you, knowing or unknowingly, I ask your forgiveness. If you have hurt or harmed me, knowingly or unknowingly, I forgive you.  6:55 am Our first  "Ashley & Brad Scholarship Fund" WINNER is Brad Farr of William Blount High School....YEAH!!!!  We've got 4 more Scholarships to give away.  7:15 am  Re-cap of American Idol (our predication in the final....Crystal and Lee  7:40 am  7 year old Single Ladies video....what do you think?  7:55 am  How many hours are you putting in at work?  You could be killing yourself!  The upside to working overtime: time and a half (if you’re lucky) and a few nice words from your boss (also if you’re lucky).  The downside (besides having to stay at work): increased risk for coronary heart disease.  People who work more than 10 hours a day are at a 60 percent greater risk for heart attack, angina and other heart-related conditions, compared with those who log in seven-hour days, according to a  new study in the European Heart Journal. One explanation for this association: type-A personalities—folks who tend to be anxious, competitive and tense—are the ones who are more likely to spend the extra hours behind the desk.  The study looked at over 4,000 men and 1,700 women, with an average follow-up of 11 years. While men were more likely to report working overtime, we’d be willing to speculate that the women felt the stress more acutely. Yes, men are pitching in, but women still tend to have more responsibility in the home. So the next time you’re thinking of spending a late night at the office, ask yourself if you really need to stay or if you can finish the task in the morning—your heart might thank you for it.    8:10 am  Are you good at predicting age...check out this website.    8:26 am  Jump Ropin' for Haiti  8:45 am  The SHOCKING News of the morning....... John Travolta's wife is PREGNANT!      Kelly Preston is 47.  Isn't it wonderful!!!!!!